Since 2003, the people in Darfur have lost over 450,000 thousand loved ones in President Al Bashir’s effort to ethnically cleanse Sudan. Over two million Darfuris are displaced living in IDP camps in Sudan or refugee camps in Chad.

Kimberly has been a delegate leader for Amnesty International. As a member of Genocide No More, Save Darfur, she has been active in creating community awareness in Shasta County and help raise money to give to organizations that can help Darfuris in a real way.

Kimberly has helped to:

* Bring My Home to Turtle Bay Museum and Exploration Park

* Bring Halima Bashir’s story to Redding

* Bring Waging Peace and Network for Africa Director, Rebecca Tinsley to Redding

* Bring former UN Resident of Sudan, Mukesh Kapila to Redding

* Bring Omer Ismail, Senior Advisor to the Enough Project to the Northsate

* Bring The Good Lie to the Cascade Theatre with guest Kuoth Wiel

To Learn more about helping to end the Genocide in Darfur and bringing hope to refugees contact:

Genocide No More, Save Darfur

The Enough Project


Network for Africa