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Courage through Artistic Living

Kimberly has inspired guests at The Quills of Faith Writers Conference, Writers Forum, Genocide No More, Dave Darfur events, and at Mercy Family Health’s Residency Program. She has taught English Composition, Creative Writing and Literature to college students for over 12 years.

Kimberly earned a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in Music Business at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. She earned her MA in English at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California.

Kimberly’s novel, Out of the Shadows won an IPPY Gold Medal for Best Fiction of the West Pacific; and it received a five out of five star review from the San Francisco Book Review.

Kimberly opened First Snow Publishing House in 2012. And facilitates and manages publishing rights to her books.

Kimberly is an activist for Genocide No More, Save Darfur. She was a key player in getting Rebecca Tinsly, Director of Waging Peace, to speak in Redding and bring My Home Exhibit at Turtle Bay Museum. Kimberly is also an active member in The Women’s Fund.

Kimberly is the Founder and Director of Aesara, a salon that encourages and supports women artist.


Inspirational Topics

  • The Lioness in Us, Courageous and Artful living
  • Dreams, Making time and giving energy to your passions
  • Your Aphrodite: Women as Artist
  • Balancing, Women as Mothers and Artists
  • Breaking through the years of “Nos”
  • Forging through the Darkness: Writing your Novel



“Whenever I hear Kimberly speak, she never fails to amaze me with her presence on stage and her ability to capture the audience. She offers a rare combination that both teaches and inspires.”– Cindy Martinusen Coloma, Founder of Quills of Faith and writer of eleven books.

“Kimberly Carlson has the rare ability to authentically stir an awareness within her listener.  She is an artist in the true sense for she creates movement in the world and a recognition of one’s true potential through her expression.” – Lisa Kielich, Artist and Member of Aesara

“Kimberly Carlson’s talk at Writers Forum, “Knowing What to Take Away and What to Add,” was peppered with salient revision points and author quotes. She gave pertinent examples of the revision process from her own book, Out of the Shadows, and encouraged writers to have the courage to cut the elements that don’t really add to the whole, or that even weaken the end result. A first-rate presentation by an author with thorough knowledge of the craft of writing.”Writers Forum Staff

“We live in a world where superficial gains like shoes and handbags are valued more highly than the deep, sometimes messy work of teaching an adult to read, planting a community garden, or writing a poem. Not surprisingly, over all the other voices clamoring for our attention, it can be difficult to discern that one true inner voice that calls us to a higher purpose.

Through her Aesara workshops, Kimberly has empowered me to listen to what my inner voice is telling me. She has shown me through the example of her own life how truly fulfilling it can be to step outside our narrow definition of success and to embrace change, challenge, and all of the pitfalls and the triumphs of an active, engaged existence.” – Alex Stephens, Member of Aesara and Writing Center Professional

“As the founder and coordinator of Genocide No More–Save Darfur, I have been privileged to watch Kimberly Carlson’s leadership skills on many occasions. She has taken the lead on several projects and often spoken at events or introduced guest speakers. In her quiet, capable way, she exudes confidence and competence.”
– Marv Steinerg


Out of the Shadows

Kimberly Carlson is the author of Out of the Shadows. Out of the Shadows is an award winning novel for Best Fiction of the West-Pacific and received a five star review by the San Francisco Review

“Kimberly Carlson’s Out of the Shadows is a moving, lush, exotic novel….” Tony D’Souza

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